Aug 202015

Hi, I’m Jeffrey.

This blog is set up in a confusing manor. Sorry about that. My main content is uploaded weekly from my journal, but dated by when it was written. Although it appears there is no activity based on the really old publication dates, more is on it’s way!

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Jun 022011

Darn, It’s 10:50 at night, and I wanted to get this done this week. I guess quality is more important than speed, but I’m going to have to finish Sunday or later, because I don’t write at my father’s house.

Before the trip, Cooper and I figured we would explore Quebec together, but on Saturday he went off somewhere else when we got to self explore. RJ asked me if I wanted to go with him, and I said yes. By that point I liked his personality, and wanted to be around him anyway.

Okay, I have to stop. I’m trying to look at maps, to show places we’ve been, but it’s 11:50 now.

Jun 012011

First off Quebec:

I remember before going to Quebec, my French teacher, had us pick people to room with. Me, not caring who I roomed with, just let myself get randomly placed. I didn’t submit a rooming suggestion. That turned out well for me, obviously. One day, Cooper was walking down the hallway and told me that we were rooming together with Nate and my teacher’s brother. Nate, great, Cooper – he was a friend so good, but my French teacher’s brother. Eew. How old is he? I assumed that her brother was around her age, so not really old, but older than us (maybe mid-twenties.) That thought was a bit creepy, but whatever, I liked Nate. He was fun, although when I first met him, his very defined personality, somewhat scared me. Later on, I found out that Nate wouldn’t be there, so I had no clue what was going on. The day before the trip, I knew it would be Cooper, the brother and I. On the day of the trip, I found out Edward would also be rooming with us, who is even more irritating than Cooper is at times.

Cooper and I both went in the back of the bus, sitting next to each other, across from who I would find to be RJ, my teacher’s brother. I didn’t really talk to him on the bus, only being relived that he was around our age. Cooper slept a lot, and I tried to get my brand new Sony Walkman to work, which ultimately failed. That’s why people usually buy an iPod. I also got some entertainment from Logan and Gavin, who were on top of each other half the time, and were very active. I first thought Logan was Aiden, who looks quite similar (I think a little better.) They both have long light blond hair.

At some point I found out a little about RJ. He was actually twelve at the time, although I honestly think he was almost thirteen. He looked the same or even a little older than most of us. His father was the same as my teacher’s father, but he had a different mother (her half brother.) He was the kind of person that just made everything better. He was positive and fun to be around.

That first day, I didn’t interact with him too much. We went to an Indian Reservation, and then went to the hotel. At night, we originally changed into night clothing, although we ended up all taking our shirts off, which was what I was hoping for. It’s so much more comfortable. As far as sleeping arrangements, RJ said Cooper and I knew each other, so we would share a bed, and then he claimed the other one. Edward assembled two chairs together to sleep on. Neither of us cared, so I slept on one end, and Cooper on the other, although somehow, he ended up on the same side as me. His tossing and turning kept me up. I don’t sleep well at hotels in the first place. Normally I sleep on a couch in fact, so a bed was automatically strange. I slept on beds when I was younger, but find couches more comfortable (at least futons.) That would be the last night I stayed on the bed. The other too nights I slept on the floor, with a comforter as a sleeping bag. It was actually more comfortable anyway.

Okay, I’m going to end their for tonight.

I was going to share a video that I just saw earlier today from UltStupidity, but as I could have predicted it was taken down. I must say, when I saw the one I mentioned two days ago, I thought it was somewhat explicit for a YouTube video made by high school students, but now I realize that wasn’t quite the farthest they were planning on going. Today, in my sub box, I found a video titled “Growing Up.” It was a parody to some song, and consisted of the crew running around in briefs. Some scenes included masturbation (of course things were blurred), with semen squirting onto another person (again I’m assuming it was something else.) There was another “measuring” scenes, and many more things that caused it to get flagged. I was laughing the entire time I watched it. Luckily I also YouTube downloaded it, so I can still see it again when I want to. The video was encrypted and placed with my other cute boy videos. I wish YouTube would be more understanding and keep these videos. I’m tired of things being flagged and taken down. Trevor, had both of his channels removed. Again luckily I downloaded his cute boy videos. In my opinion, only violent/graphic videos should be removed. It’s freedom of speech, action, etc. Most of all, those stupid age laws need to go (more on that another post, but recently a man went to prison for editing a video to make it appear he was singing a song with sexual content to an elementary school classroom. Child Pornography? What the hell?)

I’ll get a link if it’s available. Maybe I’ll upload some of these videos to my own site someday.
Edit: 6/16/14

I’m downloading all of the linked content for preservation purposes. I have the lost video and will upload it here.



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May 312011

I didn’t realize how much I talked about Quebec at the beginning of this document. I’m not sure what to talk about now. I’m going to include a PowerPoint and video on Quebec that I made.

At this point I am going to clear some things up that I noticed from the beginning.

  1. It wasn’t until last month: June, 2010 that I really realized I was gay. This sentence has been bothering me since I first started. Really, June was when I finally accepted the label Gay. Internally I guess I always kind of knew, but never really though about it. I just wanted to clear that up, so people don’t attack me with sticks for making it sound like I “decided to become gay.”
  2. I was attracted to girls and some guys (very few at that time.) This was how I viewed it in seventh grade. In actuality it was reverse. Given I didn’t see people as sexually, saying very few may have been accurate, but saying I was attracted to girls was just what I wanted to think at the time. I should mention there were only two girls I’ve ever scene that I felt somewhat attracted to (who both had masculine aspects I guess). Also, It’s still not the same as a boy.
  3. (To Parents) I realize my original intentions of writing this, was for coming out. As I wrote more and more, I developed an “online audience.” A lot of the content on here really isn’t the most appropriate for my parents to read, and that’s becoming the case more every post. I’m never going to censor from my parents, what I share online, but understand that reading this is your choice.
  4. Also, on the topic of writing purpose, I realize I’m drifting away from LGBT issues to “I like this boy and want to…” I do apologize if that’s what you want, but those things take a long time to write, and I really don’t have the time for that. I’ll try to do more entries like that, but I don’t know when.
  5. RJ was deferentially my first love (str8 or not.)
  6. Oliver got a haircut :( and school’s almost over. Next year I won’t see him as much :(
May 302011

Today is one year after I returned from my Quebec trip, and I originally planned on talking in more depth about the trip, but being 9:05 at night, I really don’t feel like harming such an important topic by rushing it. I think what I’m going to do, is spread it across several days throughout the next week.

I must say, It isn’t uncommon for my liking of a Youtuber to decline over time. That isn’t the case for Clifton who runs Slyth66, Slyth, and SlythPersonal.

I loved his Hamlet Musical done in October and his Firework music video from April.

Yesterday, I saw a parody of Grenade by Bruno Mars that he and some friends did and I was amazed. There were actually two versions. One of which he sang, and another all the actors in the parody co-sang. I saw his cover first, which I actually like better, and then the official one (featured) on his new channel with some friends UltStupidity (Ultimate Stupidity.) I watched each version at least twice late last night, and had trouble stopping. The parody follows a group of boys who are disgusted by this (girl), actually played by a guy. Throughout the video you see the guys hanging out when the “girl” comes by and scares them away. Scenes include, two boys sitting on the couch when someone starts touching their chests and they are fine until they look up at the girl and run away. In another scene they almost kiss, and there is a showering scene, etc. In the end, the girl cleans up (and becomes an actual female actress,) and the boys want her, but she says no and walks away. The video ends with the boys passing a grenade, and an “oh shit” proceeds an explosion that knocks them over. I’m impressed with some of the acting, and as usual the editing. The song was written by Clifton and Jake, and turned out very entertaining. The singing wasn’t great as with almost all parodies, especially with the original. Clifton’s cover was an improvement in that, except it lost synchronization with parts of the video. Note: Clifton wasn’t in the actual music video. He co-wrote it and presumably did back-stage work. I’m anxious to see them again. Especially given some of the boys were pretty good looking.

Comment of Interest:

Those Boys Where Hot…..<3


@buffboipete You can see more of them on our channel. I’ll just say they are planning on “stripping down” in the next video ;)


I did have to check, and buffboipete is a guy. Anyway, “stripping down.” ;)

By the way, the AmTrak tickets arrived (I love trains.) Also, I’m working on the text analyzer although, perfection isn’t going to happen I’m realizing. Math is one thing, English is another. There are just too many exceptions to make a perfect English analyzer.

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